“Right time for Nepal to talk and adopt Eco City standards” : Miller

Feb 18, 2019. After the promulgation of constitution 2015 and the formation of the permanent government, it is the right time for Nepal to discuss and drag out solutions of environmental problems. Kirstin Miller, Executive Director of Eco City Builders said to online news portal ecosamachar that the newly formed local government, mainly the Metropolitan Cities must prioritize the development agenda synchronizing and mitigating with the environmental challenges. The eco-builder prioritizes on the designing, planning, building, and operation of cities resulted in an organic and balanced ecosystem. Based on four fundamental pillars of urban design, biogas physical features, socio-cultural and ecological imperatives following with sub-indicators for identifying the area at the preliminary phase.

The team is doing a survey on three wards of Lalitpur Metropolitan City in consultation with Mayor and other stakeholders and planning for its first phase program. It concentrates density coupled with access to services. Access to proximity, safe and affordable housing, green building, clean air, clean & safe water, healthy and accessible foods are some key parameters of eco-city, Miller said.

She focused on that ignoring the environmental issues and dimensions, no city can be a smart one. So before declaring the smart cities, the local government of Kathmandu Valley and the rest of others need to address the environmental issues by the program and allocation of budget.

The concept, Eco city provides the standard living of individual with making balance on consumption of renewable resources. The International Eco city Standards (IES) give emphasis on the ecological ground of cities in conjunction with a global network. The team is identifying the condition of existing key parameters in LMC, before making the recommendation. It demonstrates environment-friendly options in every sector. Excerpt;




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