Clean and Healthy Environment

The surrounding around us where living being and non-living are found is called environment. Nowadays, our environment is being more polluted. There are many types of pollution such as – Air pollution, Land pollution, Water pollution and Noise pollution.

Firstly, we should keep our environment clean and healthy by not throwing waste product everywhere and making clean environment. The types of pollution and its prevention measures are:

  1. Air pollution

The presence of harmful substance in air is known as air pollution. It is produced due to mixing of different unwanted dirty air coming through big factories, old vehicles and old materials used in home to prepare food. We should prevent air pollution by reducing old vehicles and stop smoking cigarettes reducing production of gases, smokes from factories, houses etc.

  1. Land Pollution  

The presence of harmful waste product in land is called land pollution. Land pollution is caused by humans by throwing waste everywhere. We can prevent land pollution by throwing wastes in right place.  We have to decay the things which can be decayed and reuse, recycle products.

  1. Water Pollution

The presence of unwanted materials in water is called water pollution. Water pollution is caused by waste product through hospitals, factories, homes etc.  We can prevent water pollution by making dump yard to throw waste product. We should have to provide dustbin everywhere in village area. Proper drainage facilities should be managed.

  1. Noise Pollution

The presence of harmful noise coming from our environment is called noise pollution. It occurs from many thing. It makes environment noisy. It is too much harmful for human health. We should prevent noise pollution by not using many things which produces sound and reducing unwanted sounds from vehicles, industries, homes etc.


-Divsha Thapa Magar
Grade Seven
Samriddhi School

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