Our Population and Deforestation


Huge increase in population invites many problems and disasters. Growing population cuts down the trees for various purpose, and consequently deforestation is resulted. Deforestation causes many problems, ruins and disasters which ultimately may questions the existence of living creatures including human beings.

Populations increases rapidly. As the result industrialization advances in nutrition, sanitation, health care facilities and other comforts easily available. Over population results many problems and disasters.

Deforestation is a highly gravitons problem ever emerged to threaten the existence of all the living beings and ecology as well. People destroy the jungle for various purposes such as for collecting firewood, timber, grass and for cultivation and settlement. The gravity of poverty should be alleviated to control the process of deforestation.

Population size and rates of population growth are key elements in environmental change. Eventually rapidly growing population in long run, invites serious adverse effects on ecology and environment.

Over population and deforestation are two serious problems. These two long term problems have to be controlled to save the significance and existence of all the living creatures on earth.

   -Tisha Shakya

    Grade : Eight

    Samriddhi School

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