Save The Rhinos

Rhinos were once found throughout Eurasia and Africa. But today, three of the five rhino species are in the verge of extinction. The main reasons for their endangerment are poaching for their horns and loss of habitat.

Horns are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine but its use has increased in showing status of wealth and success. It is not clear that rhino horn cures diseases but due to the long belief and tradition, people are motivated in this cause. Rather than having medical value, emotional value leads this cause.

Clearance of land for agriculture, human settlement and logging are constantly increasing. This leads to loss of habitat of animals. Human population is constantly increasing. To address every human need, more resources are required. This is also the reason to why rhino's population is declining.

We celebrate World Rhino Day to admire these beautiful creatures and to protect them. Awareness program and proper education has helped to conserve the population of rhino but it is still not enough. So, strict laws and proper education should be given priority to save these beautiful animals.

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