Young environmentalist heroes of Kenya

There are many youths around the world who are helping to save the environment by creating new recyclable methods and setting trends. To support them and encourage them, UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) has celebrated  three environmentalist heroes of Kenya.

1. George Onyango

George is a 23-year-old entrepreneur with a vision to upcycle metallic oil drums into eco-friendly furniture. He has his own company, Jus Drum Furnitures and is helping to save the environment with his creative and innovaitve idea.

2. Elizabeth Wathuti

Elizabeth is a 23-year-old Kenyan woman and one of the African regional finalists in this year’s Young Champions of the Earth competition. She is the founder of the Green Generation Initiative which addresses challenges such as deforestation, climate change and environmental injustices, by nurturing young environmental enthusiasts to take action on climate action, zero hunger, quality education and life on land.

3. Chebet Lesan

Chebet is a twenty-nine-year-old founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bright Green Renewable Energy—a social enterprise that makes eco-friendly charcoal, made from recycled waste. The production of charcoal contributes to deforestation and the cost of charcoal is very high in Kenya. So, she started a social enterprise that would provide Kenyans with an alternative to charcoal.

Credit: UNEP


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