Ambassador Praised AEROSAN Hub Public Toilet

  Canadian Deputy Ambassador to India with concurrent accreditation to Nepal and Bhutan, Deirdre Kent, visited the AEROSAN Hub public toilet located opposite of Bir Hospital in Ratnapark. The toilet was the site for a pilot demonstration for environmentally, socially and economically sustainable public toilet model in Nepal by AEROSAN Sustainable Sanitation in collaboration with GUTHI and Kathmandu Metropolitan City with the financial support of the Canadian government-funded Grand Challenges Canada.

Deputy Ambassador Ms. Kent was quite impressed with the condition of this public toilet and showed her appreciation for the efforts made to make the toilet safe, sanitary and accessible for all.  Prakash Amatya, Country Representative of AEROSAN, explained the changes made to the public toilet and how even small interventions have enhanced the user experience, especially for the female users and the environmental impact it has made by using fecal waste to generate usable biogas.

Ms. Kent said, “In cities with large populations like Kathmandu, it is important to have these kinds of facilities. We appreciate the work AEROSAN and Kathmandu Metropolitan City have done and the support provided to improve the condition of public toilets.”  She also expressed that she was glad to learn that these toilets have been made safer and accessible for women and disabled users.

Mr. Hari Kumar Shrestha, Chief of Environment Management Division in Kathmandu Metropolitan city said that his office is working on plans and policies to improve the condition of public toilets in Nepal. “Seeing the interest of the Canadian Deputy High Commissioner in improving public toilets has given us added motivation to work on our city’s public sanitation services.” he added.

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