“Ecologically habitable city is present need” : Miller

Aiming to form habitable environmental friendly city in Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Ecocity Builders initiate the ecological system through integrated urban planning and management. Lalitpur Metropolitan City is planning to turn into eco city and have even started to implement ideas.

Kirstin Miller, Executive Director of Ecocity Builders is in Nepal to take a look at the result of prior investigation and data collection that took place earlier this year in Lalitpur and take more input from the community, local government, organizations, and experts to gain more knowledge and information for the establishment of eco city. Ecocity Builders recently organized three different workshops targeting to community people, representative of local government and technical team, as sharing the different modalities and localization of ecocity indicators in Nepal.

“For going to create a sustainable civilization, Ecocity Builders believe not only into build environment but also into the culture of different people working with” says Kirstin. According to her, the local government was very positive and she was inspired seeing the mayor’s energy on working together and sharing thoughtful ideas on how to implement to make their city eco-friendly.

“The best way to spread the idea of ecocity is by doing it that is leading the example. Lalitpur Metropolitan City has already started to implement by making cycle lane, conserving ponds, planting trees and so on” says Kirstin on how to spread the idea of eco city.

“To make the city eco- friendly, certain activities can be carried out from tomorrow like applying the ideas of eco-friendly city into the existing groups and culture of people and involving in the environmental action from community level then taking it to the local level and finally to the national level” was her message on how to start to make the city environmental friendly.

She further added;


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