It's April 22, Think about Earth

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22 in the midst of a pandemic, with the world slowed and hobbled by COVID 19. Yet Earth Day reminds us the planet still turns, the global climate and biodiversity crises still cry for attention, and nature still reveals its shimmering resilience.

                                It's April 22, Think about Earth

Fifty years ago today, the first Earth Day was marked in the United States as a peaceful call for environmental reform, following a massive oil spill off the coast of California. Half a century later, this annual day unites millions across the globe, drawing attention to the huge challenges facing our planet.

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, with the goal of raising awareness about mankind’s role in protecting our natural world. On this date, 20 million Americans ventured outdoors and protested in favor of a more eco-conscious society.

Now more than ever, Earth Day offers an opportunity for us all to reflect upon our relationship with the planet, amid the most powerful possible message that nature can surprise us at any moment, with devastating consequences for pretty much every individual. It is a time when the health of the planet and its people has never been so important.

This year holds great promise for environmental change on the back of growing pressure for concerted, urgent action and with a suite of international conferences set to refocus global commitment on these key issues. The nexus between nature, climate and sustainable development were embodied in 2020. The year offered hope.

Credit: The Guardian

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