Touchless hand washing platforms install in Bardiya

Encouraging the hand washing behavior of people, handwashing platforms have been installed at four local levels of Bardiya district. WASH materials have been handed over to Bansgadhi Municipality , Badhaiyatal Rural Municipality, Rajpur Municipality and Geruwa Rural Municipality under the coordination of GSF/ UN Habitat Nepal, NGO- Integrated Development Society and respective local government.

The district coordinator of UN Habitat, Binod Sah stated that the distance message of personal hygiene and hand washing with soap and water is disseminated rigorously in working palikas helps to prevent from COVID-19. The logistic support (of WASH Packages) promotes on the hand washing behavior of public from project area.

Similarly, the GSF program installs hand washing platforms on premises of the District Coordination Committee, one of the quarantine centers of the district, said Tara Babu Khati, district coordinator of UN Habitat.

“In this difficult context, Nepal has placed WASH and sanitation at the center of its COVID-19 response. GSF program is mainly focusing on personal hygiene, use of toilets, construction of hand washing platforms, hand washing with soap and water, total sanitation and many more aiming to meet the major indicators of SDG 6.” Khati added.

Addressing the gap on WASH facilities in working palikas, GSF/UN Habitat has provided WASH packages including buckets, jugs, garbage bin, liquid soap sanitizer, mask, gloves, sanitary pad to health care facilities and local government. The local government are planning to install and scale up the hand washing platforms in different wards through their own resources. GSF UN habitat is working since 2017 in Bardiya district.

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