TFF Nepal aims to address food crisis in pandemic

‘Thought for Food’ presents a program “Redefining and Empowering Food Technologists: REFT 2020” to address food crises throughout the world. Aiming to inform young food technologists about their roles and finding out food-related issues from the community level, it attempts to solve the hunger crisis. The program will develop leadership skills and empowers young food scientists and technologists. It will sensitize different stakeholders towards their roles to achieve SDGs amidst the global crisis after COVID-19.

REFT Local Heroes 2020 Challenge

The five  days’ program where the young food technologists share their ideas and get a chance to polish through the mentorship from professional food technologists. The program will follow the online discussion and seek possible opportunities to work.

The official announcement of the program will be done through social media. Based on pre-assigned criteria, the final 12 teams will be selected for presentation and the format of presentation, selection criteria, and documentation aspect will be addressed in the orientation session.

In the first 2 zoom sessions the organizer hear all the ideas, issues, solutions the team comes up with, invited mentors, subject experts, and organizers will help to polish the ideas, whereby the following ideas will be asked to implement in their respective community within 1 week and a final closing and celebration session will be held in zoom where we will have our winner of the program.

On October 10, the best idea amongst 12, one will be awarded as REFT Local Heroes 2020 and two of them  will be awarded as best presenter and best idea pitcher  of the program.  

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