Creasion sets a webinar on medical and special Wastes during COVID-19

Aiming to inform people about the nature, quantity and proper management of medical waste, Creasion sets a webinar series dated on October 12, 2020.

The current COVID-19 pandemic increases the quantity of medical waste and at the same time raises questions regarding solid waste management practices and procedures at present. The recent practices of dumping the pile of waste in landfill sites, creates environmental and health problems for mankind.

Many research also revealed that waste materials like plastics, paper, and steel also are carriers of the COVID-19 virus and, it can last up to 72 hours on these, reflecting concerns for waste stream workers and recyclers. Er. Pratistha Shrestha- Program Manager from Creasion stated that two experts Er. Bikash Bahadur Shrestha, President of Biomedical Engineering Foundation Nepal and Er Dipendra Upreti- Environment, Health and Sanitation Expert from Bheri Hospital will share their insights about current challenges and way forward to overcome the problems.

Mostly the materials used in patients' care to the personal protective equipment became a problem at present.  The interested participants could join the webinar via zoom and can register their name on  mentioned link;

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