TFF awards Team Hunger Hunter as REFT Local Heroes 2020

With a motive to sensitize young food technologists about their roles for combating food-related issues during and after COVID-19, ‘‘Thought For Food”(TFF) and a group of highly enthusiastic youths along with many collaborative hands successfully organized “Redefining and Empowering Food Technologists: REFT 2020” for the first time. It was a 10 days virtual program through Zoom application from October 1 to October 10. The program was open to all the public and approximately 200 people are participated.

Based on idea relevancy, feasibility, impact, resource efficiency, team skills and presentation, the judge’s panel selected the winner to Team Hunger Hunter as REFT Local Heroes 2020. The chief guest, Mr. Pramod Koirala- Senior officer from Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, appreciates the concept of team on utilization of barren land of local areas for local vegetable cultivation and providing awareness about food fermentation and its health benefits. The winning team was awarded with certificates and cash prize with sum of Rs. 15,000 for the implementation of the project.

REFT Local Heroes 2020 Challenge

Similarly, our other two finalists were: Team Dream team (First runner up) and Being Indi-Genius (Second runner up). Similarly, the idea of Dream Team was about informing people on food labeling and safety whereas Team Being Indi-Genius focused their idea on uplifting and promoting Nepali Indigenous Food. Ghanshyam Bhandadri , Coordinator of TFF informed that Team Dream was provided with a funding of Rs. 10,000 and Being Indi-Genius team was provided with a funding of Rs. 5000 respectively.  

“Our 12 shortlisted teams were: Black Gold, Sankalpa, Hunger Gladiator, Life is Better with Lemon, Inaruwa Youth Group, Team Zero Waste, Balanced Snacks, DMC fights hunger, Dream Team, Being Indi-Genius, Hunger Hunter and Only Safe Meat. During the first two days (October 1-2) of the Zoom session, the selected 12 teams virtually presented their ideas about food related issues in their local community” he added.

Having more than a decades of experience, the experts from respective field  Mr Ashim Sigdel, Mr Animesh Khadka, Mr Ujjwol Koirala, Ms Aastha Bhusal, Mr Padam Baral and Mr Abhishek Khadka provide guidance and mentorship to participants

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