National Youth Conference on Climate Change concludes with 13 points declaration

               “National Youth Climate Declaration 2020”

National Youth Conference on Climate Change concludes with 13 points declaration amid the COVID- 19. Around 300+ young minds, representing from different provinces and academic ground took participate in the 7th National Youth Conference on Climate Change organized by Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA)  6-9, November 2020. 



  1. We urge the government to ensure inclusive and meaningful participation of children and youth (below 29 years) in the planning and decision-making process in the context of National Climate Change Initiatives and International Conventions that Nepal is a party. 
  2. We urge the government to mainstream Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) in every development and planning process at all levels.
  3.  We demand the government to encourage the effective empowerment and mobilization of youth and youth networks to spread the knowledge of climate change and its impact on local people.
  4. We urge the government to increase the fund for research in order to encourage young researchers in the field of climate change and green enterprises.
  5. We urge the government to decrease the import tax and provide incentives on electric vehicles and promote non-motorized transportation. We also demand the availability of safer cycle lanes and pedestrian facilities in all major road networks.
  6. We demand transparency in the disbursement of climate finance.
  7. We urge the mandatory inclusion of vulnerable communities and marginalized voices in climate change negotiation and decision processes, both- nationally and internationally.
  8. We urge the government for mass media sensitization on climate change adaptation and mitigation approaches. National Youth Council (NYC) should also be sensitized in climate-related issues, activities, and planning. 
  9. We demand the provision of a skilled environmental officer in each local government body to co-ordinate and safeguard environmental concerns in developmental activities.
  10. We demand the government to prioritize the promotion of clean energy. Also, we urge to carry developmental activities with the proper BES/IEE/EIA.
  11. We demand the government to enforce the ban of the use of plastics below 20 microns in Kathmandu valley and other major cities of Nepal by putting forward the alternative to plastic.
  12. The government should elect an Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) National Focal Point to ensure the effective implementation of ACE in the national scenario. Climate change should be made a compulsory subject in the academic curriculum and we demand the training of teachers of it. NYCA also commits to it through our regular educational campaigns.
  13. Living in a clean and healthy environment is the right of each and every citizen; we urge the government to ensure our fundamental rights as guided by Nepal's constitution 2072.

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