2018 California Wildfires Caused $150B in Damages

The wildfires that ravaged California in 2018, which were less than half the size of this year's blazes, resulted in $150 billion in damage, the UNiversity of California, Irivine reports. Direct costs due to building damage accounted for 19% of the total, health effects from smoke for 22%, and 59% from the economic disruptions caused by the fires.

With wildfire risk rising globally due to climate change, regions like Siberia, which previously did not burn frequently, are turning into ongoing fire hotspots that could result in hundreds of billions of dollars in damages annually.

While forest management can reduce wildfires' severity, the only way to lower our fire risk in the aggregate is to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels to help refreeze the Poles and restore the weather patterns our grandparents knew.

Source: Earth 911

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