Fishing for Plastics: Ocean plastic waste collection program

Protect Environment Group (PEG) has collected almost thousand lbs. of ocean plastic waste from Bahama. PEG has thanked all the volunteers that helped to pick 1,095 lbs of washed up ocean plastic waste, from the beaches and shoreline of a Small Cay in the Bahamas.

The cleanup was organized under the "Fishing for Plastics" banner. PEG has been involved in ocean cleanup and protection of the environment for a long time. They have been collecting plastic waste from the ocean and beaches.

According to them, the waste has been accumulated there since the last cleanup two years ago. Now, the waste will be taken to the Mainland dump in a larger boat. 

PEG plans to continue cleanups until the public stop buying single use plastic items. Plastic altenatives like bamboo, paper and others use are encouraged by them. Greater control over commercial fishing nets and lines is needed for proper protection of marine animals. 

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